Help: How to play the game

The app's main view displays graphical chess-board & pieces, and some controls ("Menu" button to open sidebar, information about current game and "Rollback" button).

Chess Cake Piece game main view and sidebar

Move selection during game

In your play-turn, choose a move by touch, mouse or keyboard as follows. Actual actions to choose a move with pointer devices depend on move operation mode ("Slide" or "Tap twice" on Settings tab in sidebar).

With touch device

With mouse device

With keyboard device

Sidebar tab: Home

Game controls

Move recording

All the moves players make are recorded in algebraic notation.

Sidebar tab: Statistics

Statistics lists summaries of total game results (#win, #loss and #draw in each play-level). Select an item to see details of results in that level.

Sidebar tab: Settings

Sidebar tab: Help

*This feature may not be shown if it's not available in your market.